The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is slowly but surely edging towards its conclusion – two boats remain, the Americans aboard 32 Degrees have 378 miles to go but in the last 24 hours made only 15 nautical miles and are showing 0.9 knots boat speed.

Daryl Farmer amazingly continues to make progress and has now got ‘just’ 840 nautical miles to go – he made 13 nautical miles in the last 24 hours but spare a thought for this – rather than any particular progress towards the finish line the weather on the ocean has blown him north around 50 nautical miles. That must be horrible!

The weather map shows the reason why with winds blowing at between 10 and 20 knots due north and where the wind blows is where you will go. In a weeks time the story will be transformed in theory with fast conditions on the cards and winds possibly in excess of 20 knots blowing exactly in the right direction.

The seas look like they will follow suit so there will be some very fast – but very tricky conditions on the horizon – and a possible blast into the finish. Having said that the weather is a cruel mistress and we had so many days of being promised by our weatherman that the ‘magic carpet’ was on its way ‘tomorrow’ and we all know when tomorrow comes!

The Talisker boats carry water ballast so are less prone to capsize – we never added ballast as we were so focussed on the speed record; despite this a number of the Talisker boats have still capsized and that potential is always there – the next week will be very testing if the weather sticks and with the boats much lighter with so much food consumed by now all the safety protocols will be at the top of the list. Not least, keep the bl##dy hatches shut!

Big seas and big winds scheduled in a week….


Going north….whether you like it or not.

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