Had to happen sooner or later, couldn’t find a stopping place in time and pissed myself in the car on the way to Hospital today. Cried with the humiliation.

Had to be practical though and drove remaining 30 mins or so to Addenbrookes multi story naked from waist down with my shorts and grundies drying on the air vents set at max heat and fan, ideal when it’s sunny and 27 degrees. 

Upsides, all dry when I found a space, only 5 mins late for Consultant appointment….and did I mention I was borrowing my mum’s car?!

Mum’s car, post seat cleaning!

Said to Doc that I’m in ‘tall tree/short rope’ territory with bladder pain, weeing 40 + time’s a day, continual pain and no sleep and it’s now 10 months of it. We need a better solution than that so he’s going to have a conflation with the urology Doc, I did say chopping my bladder out and giving me a bag is now perfectly acceptable for me.

Other news, finished anti rejection drugs tapering today so fingers crossed in coming weeks/months. Bloods still doing well and should improve more now, and both could improve my bladder…

Start iron chelation treatment on Tuesday, a fridge and drugs, pump and needles will be delivered on Monday and a nurse will come over on Tuesday to teach Lisa and I how to set it all up and insert the needle in my tummy.

Each treatment is 8 hours a day, new needle and drug pack every day for 5 days then 2 days off and repeat. Do that for two months and see where we are. Can’t wait!! Having said that it should relieve headaches, joint aches, fatigue (!), shrinking testicles, hair stopping growing and as I’ve said before, the risk of heart failure, liver failure and blindness.

Childhood vaccinations scheduled for 8 August which is a nice few injections, love that, but again worth it. A month after that I’ll be able to do more.

Possibly 3 months from now I’ll be able to do more ‘normal’ things – socialize more freely, go for a paddle in my home built canoe or even my sculling boat, go swimming, eat any food etc. Take my lovely lady out – just Wow!

There’s some things to avoid the big tree for!

Off for a wee now…

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  1. 3 months, just in time to help Lisa with the Christmas shopping and find it a pleasurable chore. Are you going to turn the blog into a book ( or 2). Always thinking of you. x

  2. With the Volvo and those eyebrows you should be safe!
    Hey after hitting 50 going driving around airing your noow-noows is ok as far as I’m concerned!
    Heck you are are blxxdy saint Ian, keep at it.

  3. Lots of love, hugs and admiration for you all….. We are here if we can do anything xx

  4. Maybe that’s why I phoned you from my pocket!! Mate, I quite like the idea of driving naked…may try that.

  5. You lost me at “naked from the waist down”. Good job you didn’t get pulled over – or was that what you were hoping for?

  6. You could get away with any misdemeanours Ian just by showing that lovely cheeky grin!!! Keep up the good work, always thinking about you. Much love as always to you, Lisa and family xxxxxx

  7. To quote some Blackadder “I’ve got to admire your balls!”

  8. Have you thought about Tena Lady? Nappies for grown ups! Hopefully ony a temprorary solution 😉

    • Tried Tena for Men but wherever I tried to tuck myself in I wee’d out the side….perhaps I’m more substantial than I thought?! X


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