Looking forward to an exciting and learning day ahead taking part in the Wearable Technology Show – all about health and fitness, monitoring performance, gadgets, medical – it’s all in there. In a world with a growing obesity problem…hmm. Can’t wait to see what’s on and take part in the Beyond Wearables Panel below:

Beyond Wearables – Hearables, Ingestibles and the Next Frontier
Many want to get fit and generate stats on performance, health and ultra-endurance. Our experts look at the current and upcoming wearables, including; real time download, the monitoring of athlete’s health and wellbeing and the progression of sports where Wearable Tech is non-existent or still new.
Ian Rowe, Founder, Atlantic Experience
Leon Rudge, Technology Solutions Manager, Life Fitness
Paulo Ferreira Dos Santos, CEO, Kinematix
Nicholas Douzinas, Co-Founder & CEO, Hoolio


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