The testimonials below are from senior executives from a cross section of companies and events who have heard Ian speak first hand and will give you confidence that he can deliver for you at your event before, during and after it.

With Ian, you are buying in the personal experience of racing across the Atlantic ocean night and day for 3,000 miles to become the first crew in history to row across in under 30 days and set a new world record. It is the story of years of experience, planning and training culminating in taking on an extraordinary challenge that will have a lasting impact on your audience.

Speaking is not just a talent, it is a skill set, and a significant part of Ian’s skill is making the ocean trip relevant to everyone in the room, helping ensure that your decision to book him is the right one.

Please read on below:

jim-daviesAt my age I have listened to very many  motivating speakers but I can honestly say that in 50 years as a lawyer I have not ever heard a more refreshing, honest and inspirational talk. Without doubt, everybody found it riveting but also importantly uplifting and totally relevant to the audience. Ian’s humour, modesty and generosity of spirit shone through and I can recommend Ian unreservedly.

I promise you that you will always remember his talk and benefit from his extraordinary experience ‘



JOhnSainsburyresizedIan’s presentation of his Atlantic Experience to 100+ Sainsburys Buyers Merchandisers and Designers was amazing, powerful, mindful and exceptional. I’ve seen and heard many speakers over the years but never one that has excited and held an audience so much and related it back to the business context in the way that Ian’s experience did.

The relationship he formed with our audience and the impact it’s had on them has been profound . It certainly has nailed a lot for me as well in how to frame and focus on what is key for me and the business to drive the way forward.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ian’s story and presentation to back up and strengthen any topic in your business to make your boat go faster…..

Thanks Ian !!

sashaIan delivered a superb, witty and very interesting keynote speech.

What he also did brilliantly was weave all the key business themes of our summit seamlessly into his rowing narrative.

In the process, he connected with everyone in the room both on a business level and a personal one.

pedroThe speech was awesome. Ian is one of the best professional speakers I have ever met, his speech is amazing.
I recommend listening to him, you always learn from somebody who has had those fantastic experiences.

stellaYour presentation is remembered here and people have asked for an update.  Given this I think a revisit would be a great idea.

We’d like to time this with other activities around the whole area of Wellbeing.

I look forward to welcoming you to Colworth again soon.

375de3bI had the great opportunity to meet Ian in a CIO forum and he performed an amazing inspirational “key-note speech” entertaining, engaging & stirring emotions to the whole community.

Ian is a great speaker, able to share important life lessons from his story linked to the business world.

duncan-sousterIan was guest speaker at an event held to mark the 30th Anniversary, since its maiden voyage, of one of our iconic ships.  The story he tells is engaging, powerful, witty and challenging . It stirs emotion, but yet is also thought provoking.

Ian’s belief that ordinary people are capable of doing extra-ordinary things, aligns very much with our own values, and his own experiences at sea were of particular interest and empathy to our audience of  able-bodied and disabled transatlantic sailors.

Ian is a great motivational speaker, whom everyone would benefit from and enjoy listening to.

simon williamsIan is a truly inspiring and engaging man who has so positively impacted on the dynamic of my teams. His story is so real and so relevant no matter what business you are in or where you feel focus is needed, I guarantee working with Ian will be a positive experience.

palThank you again for the great story telling at our dinner yesterday, and also for the additional pieces of the story during lunch today.

I could have listen to you much longer time…I enjoyed very much both the contents and the style.

sokoThe feedback from your speech at the gala dinner for the CIO Europe Summit has been outstanding.

I hope to work with you again at a future Summit

frank_400x400Truly inspirational, Ian has a delivery style which captivates and draws you in from the start, taking you along on the journey in every aspect, a story of motivation, endurance, set-backs, teamwork and personal integrity along with Human relationships, belief, courage and did I mention Teamwork? You will not fail to be moved to change some aspect of what you are doing or thinking. If you get the chance, I urge you to go along.


sarah-brinkleyIan delivered a riveting talk about his Atlantic Crossing which was engaging, honest and allowed the children to understand the ‘joy of failure’ and the recognition that delivering extraordinary takes hard work, resilience and humour – just one small stroke at a time.

Image result for lesley sharpling oakgroveIt was my pleasure to welcome Ian at our one day event which was aimed at increasing confidence and equipping some of our more vulnerable students with skills which they will need at interview and in the workplace.

His easy manner and relaxed presentation helped to put the students at ease and he addressed them as young adults rather than school children.  He emphasised to the group that ordinary people can do extra ordinary things in life and this is so important as many students lack faith in their abilities.

The photographs were fantastic and showed both the beauty and hardships of such an endeavour. His message that to achieve great things you must commit yourself, work hard and make the most of opportunities was really valuable and this was taken on board by many of the students.

It was brilliant that Ian then stayed on and encouraged the group in their Team Building Exercise which he then kindly judged.  He even had a smile and some enthusiasm from the student had been determined not to enjoy the workshop at all!

kevinIan is a great speaker and takes you through all the emotions and ups and downs of working as a team, and how the actions of one individual can affect the whole team.

The presentation was highly motivational and while (fortunately) we do not all need to go through the physical rigours of crossing an ocean we can all learn important life and business lessons from his story.

If you get the opportunity to hear Ian speak I would highly recommend it

gonzalesFirst of all I would like to congratulate you on the speech you gave us at the Summit earlier this month.  It was a pleasure listening to your thought provoking and interesting stories that left us thinking about our own life at home and at work.

For sailors like us, the sea always calls upon uncertain destinies for which we need to overcome the natural fear of desolation in front of mother nature.

You said that “there are only ordinary people in the world, that do extra ordinary things very day”, I agree, and humbly suggest that it is the drive to overcome make all ordinary people extraordinary.


peter-windattI met Ian at a talk he was giving that had been organised by Brethertons, solicitors, in Banbury last night.
I’ve already recommended him internally as a future speaker for BRI and I’d have no hesitation in commending him to all. His exploits are of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The lessons learned and willingly shared with the audience have echoes of the Barry Sheene quote “Don’t wait for your boat to come in – swim out and meet the bloody thing”.
Enjoyable and engaging. We could all do more.

davidwebsterI had the pleasure of listening to Ian’s after dinner speech at a recent function run for a Daycare Hospice. What impressed me was the seamless way in which he interwove his own transatlantic rowing experiences and emotions with the aims and purposes of the Hospice, making the evening not only entertaining but meaningful. I would heartily recommend him to anyone looking for a motivational speaker.

steveIan delivered a motivational & entertaining presentation, Ian is a genuinely nice guy with a sharp brain and wit to match it.

denzil‘Ian is an inspirational keynote speaker able to captivate and engage the audience, linking his real life experiences to the I.T. arena!’

I want to say a massive thank you to Ian and his team for a fantastic few days rowing down The Thames.

We started off as four people who hardly knew each other and by the end it was as if we had known each other for years.

Coming from a busy job it was fantastic to get away from the day to day issues and get stuck into something totally different – not that it was relaxing in anyway. We really learnt how good team work would help us, and  why we literally needed to pull together.  This was everything from timing our strokes, motivating each other or communicating (whether it be to avoid a collision with a bank or to say you needed a break).

The few days on the boat was a great time to develop personally – we all learnt how to deal with personal differences without rocking the boat!

Ian was always inspiring us – he never got down and would always crack a joke just at the right time to get everyone motivated! He would always find time to compare this row with his Atlantic Experience too – something that was a powerful insight and also a great source of banter, ‘When I was on the Atlantic…’ was a catchphrase for all of us!

The trip down The Thames was great fun, lots of banter, hard work, good exercise but most of all I have learnt a lot to take back to normal life both at work and personal.

Would I do it again…. Hell yes!


I wish I could have used some of the tools with my schoolwork too. The goal settings, with milestones and golden goal with the vision the number 1 priority could have been hugely successful when starting out at A-level in particular, as the system is very much in line and is favoured towards it. Much the same as GCSE’s in fact. If I had Ian come and work with me at the start of GCSE’s I would have seen that I was starting the pathway to not only my school career but also my life.

It was lovely to meet you and hear your amazing story. Thank you so much for coming to talk to us . I am sure I can speak for all our ladies who were there last night that it was a most enjoyable, entertaining and thought provoking evening and we cannot quite believe that you might want to try it all again!

Ian I will certainly recommend you as a speaker to other groups as you are truly inspirational and deliver a very strong message about how we live our lives and think about our achievements.

Thank you again for coming and I wish you every success in all your future endeavors.

These sessions not only make you think about what you are doing and why, but how you feel, why you feel that way and even challenges you to think the reasons for that. I now personally use it in almost everything I do, it’s been such a change for me, and I like to think for the better.

Ian, in the first 5 minutes set out the change that we were searching for, that no matter what we had done, no matter what people thought of us, it was not what we said that mattered it was what we would do. The positive attitude that came from Ian, soon translated into everything that we did, and to this day I still do.

Thank you for a brilliant day yesterday! You were excellent company and your manner of talking to the students was just right. The message was perfect for our students. I have had a chat with some whilst on lunchtime duty today and those I spoke to were very positive about what they had gained from the workshops.

Thank you so much for your work yesterday. I have had lots of positive comments from students and staff this morning. It is clear that you made an impact and I really do believe that will make a lasting impression plus form the basis for tutor time work and assemblies in the future.’

I just wanted to give you some feedback regarding the event yesterday. Well where do I start? It was fantastic! To deliver such a powerful message and I’m sure in many cases a life changing experience in just one and a half hours is a credit to Ian and Martin. The fact the pupils were so engaged and attentive says it all really. I really enjoyed the s ession from a personal point of view and can certainly take away some things from it myself.

A really significant moment in the schools journey celebrating and inspiring success.

On behalf of the President and my fellow member may I offer you our sincere thanks for your excellent talk about your Atlantic rowing adventure?

I have never seen our Members more attentive as they hung on your every word and listened to your talk about attempting the fastest crossing of the Atlantic in a row boat. It most definitely was a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ experience for you and thank you for sharing it with us in such a vivid way.

Your talk will be remembered.


You spoke with no notes and perfectly naturally. Your enthusiasm came across perfectly and with modest understatement! I have spoken to a few people who attended the event, each of whom, came away with the thought that it was quite a humbling experience.


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