A new development as a guest speaker on the SSG Fast Track course to help unemployed individuals get back into work – part of the process for some to help recognise why even trying to do so might be beneficial to them after many years of unemployment.

The new development was to deliver Part 1 of the Atlantic Experience story up to the point of our ‘pivotal moment’ at sea rather than a start to finish talk. The SSG course is excellent and it is both exciting and fulfilling to be a part of that; the course effectively runs over 4 weeks which equates to our 28 days at sea.

gallery_008Relating the ocean story to show what ‘ordinary’ people can achieve in just 28 days will hopefully help with the spark of change for the participants and as SSG nurture that spark over the duration of the course. Relating the highs and lows on the ocean, the reasons for being there in the first place, the personal qualities that are in us all that are required to simply keep going can produce a different perspective for all participants.

During Part 2 to be delivered towards the end of the course we will take the participants on from their own pivotal moment and aim to give them a renewed sense of optimism that it is never too late to take on a big challenge. There are only ‘ordinary’ people in the world and it is ordinary people that do extra-ordinary things, one stroke at a time.


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