First thing – I’m sorry if you got a number of test emails yesterday….I didn’t press the right button for testing and they went out and shouldn’t have done.

Today’s should be out!

It’s scary starting to do ‘normal’ things as it almost feels like I’m letting my guard down with ‘luke’. However it’s time to move on and stop being a patient and start being part of the human race again.

Not least I have to start contributing to the home budget and take a little bit of pressure off Lisa.

So, if you can, please help. I’m looking for almost any opportunity to speak at the moment to get myself back up to speed. It could be corporate, associations, trade groups, networking groups, charities, schools – at present I’ll take just about anything!

Below is a jpeg (as I can’t find a way to put a jpeg on here!) and below that is a link to the pdf plus a link to the testimonials.

Ian Rowe Speaker Info SEPT


I know you’ve all backed us for so long on what has been a really tough 18 months and there’s a way to go yet. I might be asking too much with this, but if I don’t ask I won’t know!

Big thanks,


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