carMy core belief is there are only ordinary people in the world and it’s ordinary people that do the ‘extra-ordinary’. That is what the word means and we can lose sight of that when we just say extraordinary, pronouncing it ‘extrordinary’. Today though I went to an ‘extra-ordinary’ place! Check out the website for the UTC based at the globally known Silverstone race circuit – the home of Formula 1 and a hive of activity in cutting edge engineering both in motorsport and the wider area. Also a hub for the events and entertainment industry – quite an incredible place with an absolutely buzzing atmosphere.

In the middle of it all is the unexpected – a school. It is genuinely ‘extra-ordinary’ – I had chance to speak to one or two of the students ahead of delivering the Atlantic Experience to the Silverstone Businesss Forum at the school. I asked the lad what it was like at the school and he said it was simply amazing – what other school could you go to and in your lunch break get to watch the McLaren Formula 1 cars blasting round the track?!

I was also looked after initially by a couple of members of staff at the school, Nicola was brilliant and came across as bursting with pride and enthusiasm for the school and the students. Add in Neil, the Business Manager who helped me set up on the IT front (I gathered one of the many, many jobs and skills he brings to bear in the school!) and you come away with a feeling that the place is not just an extra-ordinary place, so are the staff and from what I saw so are the students. Really exciting and inspiring.

As for the Atlantic Experience talk, a little bit of feedback here: ‘I really enjoyed your talk.  I left with an extra spring in my step after listening to you and will view the new day today with extra enthusiasm – so thank you for that!’

Lastly, from the school website: ‘Silverstone UTC, which opened in September 2013, is a brand new centre of excellence for young people wanting to break into the specialist fields of High Performance Engineering and Business & Technical Events Management. It is based in the very heart of British Motorsport, at the Silverstone racing grounds, in a stunning new multi-million pound facility.’

Click here to have a look at the school’s website and below are some pics from my evening – imagine being at school here? Extra-ordinary!




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