Excited to be working with Sainsbury’s and a team of 100 people from the clothing division in Coventry. I will be delivering the Atlantic Experience keynote talk with emphasis this time on vision and goals and looking to move forward all the time.

With a mix of creative designers, finance people, production and leadership there will also be key points on pulling together, being in the same boat and the trust, reliance, honesty and integrity we have to have with our crew mates to make the boat go faster.

The ocean was very much about a common goal but also measuring progress, particularly when it felt like we were just slogging along and not getting anywhere. Waypoints on the GPD might be the only way we could see that we were moving forward – but keeping the motivation to stick at the task required the powerful, common vision of what we were looking to achieve.

There will be thinking too around the idea that what comes next is not written yet – we know where we want to go and we know how we plan to get there but there will always be unforeseen variables along the way – the weather  plays a huge part in ocean rowing, the forecast can so easily be wrong though and the same applies with clothes retailing – just as you’ve ordered a new line of raincoats for the winter so we have a mild, dry winter – it doesn’t make you wrong but it is a setback to be handled.

Resilience, agility, team-work – all lessons from the Atlantic that can have a powerful relevance to one of our favourite national brands and the people who keep it at top performance!


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