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Rowing is all about pulling together and every member of the team is vitally important – lessons from the Atlantic demonstrate that if one person backs off then the load has to be carried by everyone else, and then the next person will like as not crack and so the load gets heavier and heavier for the rest.

Fortunately, when it came to rebuilding Lisa Too, formerly Spirit of EDF Energy, everyone involved pulled their weight and not least in that team was One Stop DIY of Northampton.

Just about all of the new plywood on the boat was supplied by them and most of that was delivered by them too with great customer service, some top tips on cutting ply without splintering and a willingness to go the extra mile.

The Gallery below shows how Lisa Too looked when I first got her and some of the stages she went through as old wood was cut out and another delivery of plywood turned up from One Stop to get the boat back out on the water.

Now a new project is underway as I build a kayak for a variety of micro-adventures and once again the team at One Stop are on board to help out with quality service, and quality products. In a few weeks time the kayak will take to the water, made from 5.5mm ply, using a home-crafted paddle and wearing the One Stop DIY logo, the same as Lisa Too.

Good work lads – and don’t forget, it is not all about plywood for boats – the things that they supply genuinely make it a one stop for DIY – the website is worth a look as you will find something you need! 

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