You spoke with no notes and perfectly naturally. Your enthusiasm came across perfectly and with modest understatement! I have spoken to a few people who attended the event, each of whom, came away with the thought that it was quite a humbling experience.

I wanted to thank you very much for taking the time to come and speak to us about your experience. It was very inspiring and thought provoking. I don’t think I’m going to take on the ocean but I am certainly going to assess my activities and decide what I would really like to do next for my pleasure. As you now know, jogging ISN’T going to be one of them but I think I’m going to do the power boat course I keep threatening to take!

And I’m going to pat myself on the back more often. I’m already quite positive but there’s always more to learn!

kevinIan is a great speaker and takes you through all the emotions and ups and downs of working as a team, and how the actions of one individual can affect the whole team.

The presentation was highly motivational and while (fortunately) we do not all need to go through the physical rigours of crossing an ocean we can all learn important life and business lessons from his story.

If you get the opportunity to hear Ian speak I would highly recommend it

steveIan delivered a motivational & entertaining presentation, Ian is a genuinely nice guy with a sharp brain and wit to match it.

peter-windattI met Ian at a talk he was giving that had been organised by Brethertons, solicitors, in Banbury last night.
I’ve already recommended him internally as a future speaker for BRI and I’d have no hesitation in commending him to all. His exploits are of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The lessons learned and willingly shared with the audience have echoes of the Barry Sheene quote “Don’t wait for your boat to come in – swim out and meet the bloody thing”.
Enjoyable and engaging. We could all do more.

It was lovely to meet you and hear your amazing story. Thank you so much for coming to talk to us . I am sure I can speak for all our ladies who were there last night that it was a most enjoyable, entertaining and thought provoking evening and we cannot quite believe that you might want to try it all again!

Ian I will certainly recommend you as a speaker to other groups as you are truly inspirational and deliver a very strong message about how we live our lives and think about our achievements.

Thank you again for coming and I wish you every success in all your future endeavors.

On behalf of the President and my fellow member may I offer you our sincere thanks for your excellent talk about your Atlantic rowing adventure?

I have never seen our Members more attentive as they hung on your every word and listened to your talk about attempting the fastest crossing of the Atlantic in a row boat. It most definitely was a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ experience for you and thank you for sharing it with us in such a vivid way.

Your talk will be remembered.