Turning my mind to dipping my toe back into work – probably way too soon and still need bladder sorting as I’m otherwise a bit restricted on timings!

I’m seeing the bladder doc on the 14th Aug and have said I want a bag put in as it’s now over a year of no proper sleep. Now I can get out and about I’m restricted by my bladder plus the variable pain of weeing is horrible 24/7.

Anyway, I’m hoping to focus more on being productive than whining and crying and that will change the nature of my website and the blog somewhat, closer to what it was. Obviously feel free to unsubscribe if work stuff is a pain rather than health updates.

I’m looking at integrating how my ‘lessons from the Atlantic’ have directly helped me keep going through all the crap with ‘Luke’ as it’s now known.

So if you feel like getting involved with having any input on the website then please do give me your thoughts, whether you’ve actually heard me speak or if not, what might make you or your business/school/university/charity etc hire me in!

Also a thought, should it still stay ‘Ian Rowe, Atlantic Experience’ – it’s all up for grabs!!

I guess email would be best please at:


Thank you in advance!

In addition to that I’ve had a little dabble on my rowing machine, a Concept 2 Ergo (industry standard) that is so old the monitor had all but disintegrated – it was built around 1993 so not bad for a 25 year old bit of kit. Shows how great these things are, and not least the service offered by Concept 2 as a new bungee cord and PM5 monitor, calibrated to my machine, were soon bought and I had them installed.

Just a pity that my score was so rubbish but you have to start somewhere….

Might try jogging next…

Thanks everyone,


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  1. Excellent. I kept saying that I am having you back when you are up for it. If you are combining both of these major life aspects then Atlantic experience is perhaps too narrow, unless you differentiate the offer? Maybe there’s a link to the ‘boat bucket’ and your peeing?!!!

  2. Ready and waiting , I’ll think of some “pee break” fill ins for the first talk or maybe we go for “now it’s time for some music” ! :0)


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