Very anxious as the nurse explains what’s involved

Cleaning the needle insertion point

The nurse, Paul, takes us through it all, this is the spring powered pump.

The needle was nothing like as bad as I expected!

In it goes! Smarts a bit!

I took the first one out a little bit too soon – note hair came with it! A little bit of the drug still left in the pump unit. It’s a learning process!

Swelling in my tummy from where the drug has gone in. Bit sore.

Part of the learning process – shave tummy!

It does indeed make your wee go orange!!

Next one much easier!!

So, 5 days a week of this, 2 days off and repeat. I start the treatment around 10pm and can pull the dressing off and needle out around 7am and it’s easy enough getting up with the pack to go for a wee.

I’m sure it can’t have had an effect yet….but I seem to be getting a bit longer between each wee. The treatment is to remove iron overload from my liver and maybe, just maybe, it’ll have a positive impact on my bladder…

Lastly, please remember that on Sunday my mate Ally Satchwill is going to be doing the Prudential Ride 100 for Anthony Nolan Trust, the bone marrow donor charity. He’s also signing up as a donor whilst encouraging others to do the same.

So far he has raised £850 of his target £1000 – please help him get over the line and make a donation, see below for his JustGiving page:


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  1. Sending positive thoughts to you and your family and already donated to such a worthy cause. Stay strong. The Hartley’s


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