Bladder Doc today – 2 steps backwards


Short update this, things change so quickly.

Looks like my left kidney may have failed or is in the verge of that.

So procedure has to go ahead. That’s going in via my Gentleman’s Sausage to check the blockage of the bladder/kidney tube to find out what that is and if it’s cancerous. If they can they will insert a stent in the line to increase its capacity and allow the kidney to drain and maybe recover if it’s not too far gone. So same as last time, general anaesthetic then few weeks of pissing blood and razor blades.

Another option or what might have to be done subject to the above is a drain is inserted into the kidney through my back and stays in for 6 weeks to see if kidney recovers. Depends on platelets level I think.

I didn’t even know kidney failure was on the agenda but putting off the procedure has made that more likely – if I’d known that I’d have just got on with it.

Other kidney was at 80% so chances are that’s reduced too.

Bladder – just have to grin and bear it still.

Feels like a stumble towards the cliff edge. Bastard thing.

Looking forward…

Turning my mind to dipping my toe back into work – probably way too soon and still need bladder sorting as I’m otherwise a bit restricted on timings!

I’m seeing the bladder doc on the 14th Aug and have said I want a bag put in as it’s now over a year of no proper sleep. Now I can get out and about I’m restricted by my bladder plus the variable pain of weeing is horrible 24/7.

Anyway, I’m hoping to focus more on being productive than whining and crying and that will change the nature of my website and the blog somewhat, closer to what it was. Obviously feel free to unsubscribe if work stuff is a pain rather than health updates.

I’m looking at integrating how my ‘lessons from the Atlantic’ have directly helped me keep going through all the crap with ‘Luke’ as it’s now known.

So if you feel like getting involved with having any input on the website then please do give me your thoughts, whether you’ve actually heard me speak or if not, what might make you or your business/school/university/charity etc hire me in!

Also a thought, should it still stay ‘Ian Rowe, Atlantic Experience’ – it’s all up for grabs!!

I guess email would be best please at:

Thank you in advance!

In addition to that I’ve had a little dabble on my rowing machine, a Concept 2 Ergo (industry standard) that is so old the monitor had all but disintegrated – it was built around 1993 so not bad for a 25 year old bit of kit. Shows how great these things are, and not least the service offered by Concept 2 as a new bungee cord and PM5 monitor, calibrated to my machine, were soon bought and I had them installed.

Just a pity that my score was so rubbish but you have to start somewhere….

Might try jogging next…

Thanks everyone,


He’s done it!

Ally Satchwill has done it!

He has finished the Prudential Ride London 100 mile bike ride raising money for Anthony Nolan Trust.

Top lad, massive thanks from me and to all who have donated and you still can!
Please remember – if you don’t get a stem cell/bone marrow donor, you die.

Anthony Nolan Trust run a world wide register of donors – my first choice was from Brazil, 2nd choice from the UK and third choice from Canada. There was only one more option left I think but we didn’t get that far.

Please do donate some cash still and/or sign up as a potential donor with the Trust.


Big thanks to everyone who has already and not least to Ally for doing the ride!


Iron chelation in pics – plus last call for donors, bone marrow and money!

Very anxious as the nurse explains what’s involved

Cleaning the needle insertion point

The nurse, Paul, takes us through it all, this is the spring powered pump.

The needle was nothing like as bad as I expected!

In it goes! Smarts a bit!

I took the first one out a little bit too soon – note hair came with it! A little bit of the drug still left in the pump unit. It’s a learning process!

Swelling in my tummy from where the drug has gone in. Bit sore.

Part of the learning process – shave tummy!

It does indeed make your wee go orange!!

Next one much easier!!

So, 5 days a week of this, 2 days off and repeat. I start the treatment around 10pm and can pull the dressing off and needle out around 7am and it’s easy enough getting up with the pack to go for a wee.

I’m sure it can’t have had an effect yet….but I seem to be getting a bit longer between each wee. The treatment is to remove iron overload from my liver and maybe, just maybe, it’ll have a positive impact on my bladder…

Lastly, please remember that on Sunday my mate Ally Satchwill is going to be doing the Prudential Ride 100 for Anthony Nolan Trust, the bone marrow donor charity. He’s also signing up as a donor whilst encouraging others to do the same.

So far he has raised £850 of his target £1000 – please help him get over the line and make a donation, see below for his JustGiving page:


Blog info….

My website man pointed out that people making comments on the blog will get a notification of my reply or other comments if they ‘opt in’.

When you type a comment in you’ll see these ‘tick boxes’ come up – pic below – and tick them to (hopefully) ensure you get notifications of new comments and posts.

Wet myself today, ffs.

Had to happen sooner or later, couldn’t find a stopping place in time and pissed myself in the car on the way to Hospital today. Cried with the humiliation.

Had to be practical though and drove remaining 30 mins or so to Addenbrookes multi story naked from waist down with my shorts and grundies drying on the air vents set at max heat and fan, ideal when it’s sunny and 27 degrees. 

Upsides, all dry when I found a space, only 5 mins late for Consultant appointment….and did I mention I was borrowing my mum’s car?!

Mum’s car, post seat cleaning!

Said to Doc that I’m in ‘tall tree/short rope’ territory with bladder pain, weeing 40 + time’s a day, continual pain and no sleep and it’s now 10 months of it. We need a better solution than that so he’s going to have a conflation with the urology Doc, I did say chopping my bladder out and giving me a bag is now perfectly acceptable for me.

Other news, finished anti rejection drugs tapering today so fingers crossed in coming weeks/months. Bloods still doing well and should improve more now, and both could improve my bladder…

Start iron chelation treatment on Tuesday, a fridge and drugs, pump and needles will be delivered on Monday and a nurse will come over on Tuesday to teach Lisa and I how to set it all up and insert the needle in my tummy.

Each treatment is 8 hours a day, new needle and drug pack every day for 5 days then 2 days off and repeat. Do that for two months and see where we are. Can’t wait!! Having said that it should relieve headaches, joint aches, fatigue (!), shrinking testicles, hair stopping growing and as I’ve said before, the risk of heart failure, liver failure and blindness.

Childhood vaccinations scheduled for 8 August which is a nice few injections, love that, but again worth it. A month after that I’ll be able to do more.

Possibly 3 months from now I’ll be able to do more ‘normal’ things – socialize more freely, go for a paddle in my home built canoe or even my sculling boat, go swimming, eat any food etc. Take my lovely lady out – just Wow!

There’s some things to avoid the big tree for!

Off for a wee now…

Prudential Ride 100 for Anthony Nolan Trust

Anthony Nolan Trust is THE place to go to get a life saving bone marrow transplant match.

It’s going to be the first birthday of my bone marrow/stem cell transplant on 31st August – I’ve named him ‘Jonny Canada’ as I know the donation was made by an individual in Nova Scotia and without his selfless act in all likelihood I’d be dead by now.

Getting a donor match is not easy – I had 90 potentials from the global register which was narrowed down to 4 possibles with the best chance of working. The third possible was the one used as the first two proved impossible to pin down.

A good mate of mine, Ally Satchwill, headline picture in training, is doing the Prudential 100 fund raising bike ride to help raise money for Anthony Nolan. The charity brings more people onto the register and so gives more people a chance to live.

You will have seen from my journey that this whole thing is not easy and the transplant part is tough, surviving it is tougher and I’m only just about to come off the anti rejection drugs if all stays stable.

Ally Satchwill, far right, with me Daniel and Richard on the Sue Ryder Thames Row 2015

Everyone is asked all the time to help with donations to charity – we did our first Thames Row for Sue Ryder Hospice which supported both of Ally’s parents. I first met Ally just before we went off on the Atlantic, he and his mates at school, he was 18, were doing a 24 hour row in memory of his Mum. That was in 2011 and only 4 years later we were doing the Thames Row in memory of his Mum and his dad.

Please click on this link and stick a few quid in the kitty towards Ally’s ride and Anthony Nolan Trust and it will help towards saving a life and reducing the fear/terror of waiting to hear about a matching donor.


For more on Anthony Nolan, click here.

Thank you.


Consultant visit etc

Latest consultant visit gave a good overview of where things are clinically.

All my blood results were slightly improved again – likely to only get back to full strength a few weeks/months after I’m off anti-rejection drugs.

On that subject, I’m down to just one anti-rejection tablet each day and a week today they will stop completely.

When they do stop so will the anti-fungal drugs which I think are to stop me getting any sort of fungal lung infection which is a very bad thing. I take three of those a day.

Currently my tablets are as above, one anti-viral, one for my bladder, one for blood pressure and two for hypothyroidism.

Nine tablets in total about to reduce to just five in a weeks time – that’s quite exciting and also feels a bit odd as on average I’ve taken something like 20+ tablets every day for the last 400 days or so, something like 8,000 tablets and will continue on at least two for life.

Every month since transplant I’ve had a ‘chimerism’ blood test which shows if my various blood cells are all being produced by my transplant cells – each result has been 100% to date and I need that to continue till I’m a ripe old age…..or I won’t make it to a ripe old age!!

I’ve been wrestling with that thought a lot and with the insights of Tony, Matt and an old rowing coach, Ian, I have settled on a new mindset….most of the time! I’m now adopting a view that whatever the ‘stats’ say on survival rates, if I’m in the percentage that survive then my chances are 100%. So, as I’m in that group then I’m 100%!!! I only got C in maths o level, but those stats work for me!! 👍🏻

The iron overload treatment is imminent and it does look like we are going down the sub-cutaneous needle and drug pack route. The overload is measured on your ‘ferrite’ level which should be around 500 and yours truly is at 5,000. Oops. Need to get cracking on that which should help muscle and joint aches, abdominal pain, headaches, fatigue….and avoid liver failure, heart failure or blindness!!

Last medical thing is still my bladder and right kidney; op due anytime to go in and have the bladder to kidney pipe checked but that won’t help bladder swelling which is still just ‘get on with it.’ Unfortunately with this weather I’m working on drinking more so often am weeing every 15 – 30 mins during the night which is unfunny. I’ve resorted to getting more sleeps in during the afternoon when it’s been very hot but always feel pretty crap after an afternoon sleep. (Still getting up at least every 30 mins!) Still weeing in a jug to measure output and pleased to have seen a few 100 ml wees and the 75mls are easier to produce. Possible progress?

Pain in my bladder though can still be intense, especially if I’ve had a more physical/mobile day so more nights than not I’m resorting to a dose of ‘Oromorph’ morphine solution which seems to be the only thing to alleviate the pain.

Downside of not drinking enough is still constipation which occasionally still stops the trains leaving the station. This can be horrible and I’m sure it adds pressure on my bladder but I think I’m slowly getting them back to timetable with more water and laxatives. Running on time and no fuss will be massive, er, not literallly!!

That’s about it really – still doing a lot in the garden – absolutely love my morning cuppa with Lisa on the patio while it’s still cool. So nice to sit and natter and enjoy out company. 💕 💕

Also nice to get my folks up for the same thing as they’ve had such a lot to bear and have been so supportive in so many ways. It’s so good to get them up for a brew and a natter.

Must mention my ‘outlaws’ too who have been an amazing and practical support to us both on almost a daily basis and have really ‘propped up’ Lisa on so many occasions too. Val who has helped for example with washing and ironing while Lisa was still on hospital runs. Both taking the dog out for walks too while I was in hospital and while I’ve been at home and Lisa in work – that is much more help than it might sound. Helping wash walls down for painting, Ian putting up blinds, getting DIY materials for me, brilliantly building most of the kitchen, laying paving slabs, cutting grass and most importantly, building our Lily’s summerhouse!!

Think that’s it for now – making the most of everyday I think, keeping busy, trying not to overdo things, being massively in love with Lisa, lovin’ our kids and daring to dream.

Thanks everyone as ever,


(By the way, I try to answer most comments on the blog, but it’s doesn’t let you know I’ve replied…)





I still live!

It’s been a struggle to motivate myself to do any sort of an update as things have as usual been up and down!

Bladder and waterworks being the main cause as I’m now into my 10th month of peeing somewhere between every 20 and 40 minutes depending on how hydrated I keep myself.

At times I’ve deliberately ‘dried’ myself out so I might even get 60+ minutes during the night. The downside of that has been constipation – something I’ve never really had before. That has been unpleasant with the ‘trains’ being very, very difficult to ‘get out of the station’ and there being a lot of trains backed up in the ‘sidings’. Painful and uncomfortable so back onto drinking 3 + litres of water a day which has resulted in normal train service but back to peeing every 20 – 30 mins.

Dehydrated Vs hydrated or IPA to the left and white wine to the right?!

I’d seen the bladder Doc again and after more scans they’ve seen restrictions in the kidney to bladder pipe on my left side. This means my left kidney is operating at only 20% and they are going to have to take a biopsy of the restrictions to make sure they’re not cancerous. Guess how they will do that?!

So can’t wait for that to happen, it’ll be under general anaesthetic again as it will be a large instrument going up my Gentleman’s Pepperami – deep joy, that’ll be razor blades, blood and lightening to look forward to again!!!

On other things my liver is still all over the place with my iron overload from all the blood transfusions still being very high. The start of ‘Iron Chelation’ treatment is imminent which is where I insert a needle in my tummy fat (not much of that) and have a battery operated pump administer whatever drug it is over 5 hours.

I will have a new pack each day for 5 days, couple of days off then another 5 day cycle. Keep that up until my iron level reduces.

There are big upsides from that, clearly less strain on my liver, also my heart and eyesight – my ‘Man Plums’ won’t shrink and my hair growth should go back to normal. Muscle aches and joint pain should be alleviated too.

Oh, and apparently I will feel less fatigued – not sure how I’ll judge that with the lack of sleep from peeing. You never know – maybe it’ll help my bladder recover too. Being Iron Man is not what I thought it’d be!!

My headspace has been very variable – there are times when I feel the giant dark wave is towering over me and my tiny little pilot light burning at the foot of the wave is about to be extinguished. Sometimes I’ve hoped it will be and I can slip away quietly and painlessly. That’s when the little voice in my head shouts ‘F#CK OFF – we’re just not doing that!!’ and reluctantly I ‘get back on the oars’ to take another weedy, crappy technique rowing stroke and move the boat a tiny, tiny fraction. It’s annoying at times but I’m so grateful I did when the sun comes out – and that could be having a cuppa on the patio with Lisa, a daft thing our youngest Lily has done or a message from one of the other kids, or a friend or a visit from a mate.

It might even be remembering Italy are not in the World Cup and now neither are Germany nor Argentina! With England through to the last 16 that’s a succession World Cup already, just a shame that the Scots didn’t get in through to it at all…!! 😉

Sport has been great though, England finally won a rugby union test again, the rugby league team beat the Kiwis, we smashed Australia in the cricket, the women’s cricket has been brilliant, Formula 1 has been great and on Wednesday I will start my YouTube marathon watch of Henley Royal Regatta but not from a Hospital bed like last year!

Other good news has been the ongoing successful reduction of my anti-rejection drugs. I had been taking 2 pills, three times a day and have been dropping a pill every two weeks. This coming Friday I drop another one and will be on only one a day. I’ve got tears in my eyes as I write this bit as this is a big step forward and we have less than 2 months to go until ‘Jonny Canada’s’ first birthday on 31 August. That’s a year since my Canadian bone marrow transplant.

One thing I have really struggled with in my headspace is daring to look forward in case I ‘tempt fate’ and it has been very difficult to do this.

A big thank you goes to my mate Tony who’d popped over and we talked about this – apart from the normal manly things we usually talk about. I’d said to Tony that I was living in fear in case the wheels came off and I went down the plug hole. He pointed out that if they did come off and I looked back would I rather see that I’d dared to dream and cracked on accordingly or look back and see I’d lived in fear and not done very much. Seems such a small thing at the same time as being massive but I’m cracking on now much more than moping about – I think my beautiful Lisa sees that too and I’m hoping it helps her deal with me and the situation too. She has more than enough on her plate without a passenger!

So things I’m getting done add up to quite a list for me in my current lightweight, no strength, no stamina condition:

New trellis on parts of the garden fence – creosoting and then screwing in place around 60feet of trellis made me realise that I have no strength nor stamina in my arms and shoulders and I still need to better quantify what ‘overdoing it’ is. First day I did 12 feet and then had two days recovering! Getting stronger though.

Digging out and potting herbs for Lisa’s herb garden plus putting some new ones in with a special feature of oregano in the right and thyme in the left for her old Hunter wellies. So wished I’d double checked they were the old ones especially once I’d gone online to buy the replacement new ones!!! How much?! They’re wellies FFS!!!

Moving around 500kgs of cement bags and ornamental stones from the front of the house to the garage and then to various parts of the garden was definitely overdoing it even at 100kgs divided in 5 bags at a time over a number of different days!! Resulted in a number of follow up days in ‘zombie’ mode of not being able to do much and hurting a lot but worth it for new border to herb garden and decorative stones on some beds.

Finishing off the water feature; the top surrounding tiles, underwater lights, central fountain, ‘blade’ waterfall at the far end and newly potted grass and plant to compliment it all. Quite chuffed with the aluminium plate cover and handles that I made to cover the compartment with the various pumps and electrics in. This is so lovely sitting next to…..watching other people enjoy a G & T or a glass of wine over the top of my fizzy water!!! 😡

What has been a laugh, for me, is ‘planting’ my completed Xmas and birthday present Airfix planes around the garden and I’m certain Lisa enjoys them as much as me!! This is no doubt especially so when I explain what type they are, the sort of weapons payload they carried, type of engines, number of crew, service ceiling, how many built, numbers of variants etc etc. She must be so exhausted bless her as she often seems to fall asleep…..

Last few things:

Newly repainted garden furniture…

Carefully pruned (it’s butchered!) wisteria…

Enjoying the cooling (!!) shade under the gazebo next to the bubbling water feature.

Trying to decide what to cook on my brilliant Father’s Day mini bbq present….!

Fishing, trying to do normal things, only caught this fish with my tiny maggot though:😉

Bit inadequate next to my mate’s previous catch, god knows what bait he used:

Plenty of these in there – when we get the Licence through we’ll use our crayfish trap to catch lunch – once today’s pollution spill gets the all clear….

Lastly a new boat project – sanding, scraping, sanding – I love it!

So overall doing well but please remember that cliff edge is right there next to me and there is a long way to go. Lisa often gets messages saying something like how great it is to hear I’m better – we have four years on the cliff before that. I am though working on getting better at looking ‘inland’ rather than over the edge.

Big thanks to Lisa, kids, family and friends who continue to be there for us.




Bit of a fright….

Classic case of the anxiety of living on the cliff edge for so long and lack of sleep led to almost panic over the last two or three days as my head went into catastrophising (is that a real word?) mode.

On Saturday I ventured out again with my Mum, Lisa and our Lily to go to a garden centre but within minutes of getting there I’d started to get a pain in my chest – just below and behind my sternum and it was gradually getting worse and worse.

The original symptoms of the ‘main event’ had just such a pain in a similar area although more on my sternum but pain is not the easiest thing to pin down it’s exact location; additionally there is an ongoing anxiety around my heart and liver from the iron overload that is still to be treated. So in my head I was varying between a re-occurence of the main event which I eventually managed to put to bed, and then potential failure for my liver and/or heart.

The pain intensified as the day went by and Lisa and I were Googling symptoms – we know, not the most sensible thing you can do but the temptation when you are feeling very scared is too high and I was too scared to phone the hospital too. To be honest part of me wanted to take the risk as it could have led to final relief from all this – dangerous territory but that’s the reality – Man Up pills and spoonful of cement in order….. Everything though pointed to heartburn/indigestion/constipation and we tried to rationalise that out. Over the last week or two I had discovered a new favourite food in the shape of sugar free Alpen and would often eat two large bowls of it a day along with a handful of grapes on top so lots of lovely insoluable fibre at the same time as I had been low on drinking the right amount of water. It has to be the answer – didn’t it?

We tried Milk of Magnesia – no effect; codeine and paracetamol didn’t touch the sides and I had been taking codeine for the last couple of days too for the pain in my man sausage and bladder and codeine can bind you up too. A teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water didn’t help, nor did buscopan and neither paracetemol nor codeine even touched the pain which was by now really quite horrible and I was bloody scared. At times in tears along with Lisa as we thought this could be the moment the cliff edge gave way but trying to convince ourselves that everything pointed to the combination of heartburn/constipation/indigestion. After around twelve hours and the contribution of a nice warm bean bag the pain subsided and I was left with a point in my upper abdomen feeling really quite tender which intensified if I laid on my side in bed.

I’d drunk a fair bit of water during the day, meant to be back on 3 litres a day, and so when I finally did get to sleep I was also back onto weeing every 15 minutes during the night so come Sunday morning was in zombie land even more than usual. At least Sunday promised a couple of hours in front of the TV hoping for an interesting Monaco Grand Prix and despite the best efforts of Red Bull and their dodgy Red Bull engine, Verstappen starting at the back and LeClerce crashing into Hartley it proved to be very boring until the last few laps when my chest started to hurt again to the same level as the day before.

I think part of it must be anxiety related as I was aware I was getting wound up hoping against hope that Ricciardo would actually get across the line first and hold off Jonny German, Vettel, so as to minimise any damage to The Hammer’s Championship lead. I feel that my stress rev limiter is just below the red all the time so that if anything else comes along, even the GP result, that adds to any stress then we are bouncing off the rev limiter and in this case it fired up the bowel problem I was hoping for rather than main event/heart issue/liver issue. Oh, and I forgot, one of the first symptoms of Graft Versus Host disease making a come back can be bowel issues and at the moment I am on a schedule reducing my anti-rejection drugs, so that was a further worry in the mix.

Lisa, always there to hold my hand…xxx

The format was the same – the pain intensified over the coming hours and nothing seemed to make a difference; Lisa and I battled along, still too scared to call the hospital as we convinced ourselves it was more to do with Alpen, dehydration and stress than anything really nasty, plus I was due in hospital the following morning anyway. The hours went by, the pain settled at just below intolerable and the tears flowed for both of us again. I persuaded Lisa to go to bed around midnight but I was waking her at 1.30am as I was now really frightened and simply wanted some company and a hand to hold – poor Lisa once again takes the brunt. I’d now taken two doses of Movicol laxative and it was a transformation – the pain went, the discomfort with it that I’d not really noticed before went too and in the morning the bomb bay doors opened and a good bit of blitzkreig followed. Nothing too ‘violent’ but it certainly got the train out the station and made room for the next one!

By about 2.30 the pain had gone and it was back to bed, getting up every 20 minutes or so until it was time to get off to hospital at 8am for a 10am appointment for my immunoglobulin treatment which is a four hour drip and was a welcome relief as I had no chest pain and felt quite comfortable despite being aware I was a bit dehydrated.

I’ll phone the hospital next time.

I decided today that I had to take more spoonfuls of cement to ‘harden the f#*k up’ and actually watch the canula being put in – this is partly down to my Tom who breezes through blood tests and weirdly seems to actually enjoy them?! Weirdo. Anyway I thought I had to step up so not only decided to watch it going on but I was going to video it for the benefit of everyone else as well – well chuffed as I didn’t even break sweat let along pass out:

The good thing about the drip being for a few hours and also being a bit dehydrated was a remarkable effect on my wee frequency and I had at least three one hour spells between each wee so got some sleep for a change. That is the temptation with fluid intake, to leave it and get some sleep but then get a bollocking as my kidney creatinine level goes up which is a bad thing for my already struggling kidneys. I do give in to temptation sometimes though but with the dehydration sooner or later comes bladder and sausage pain. 3 litres a day for the next few days at least then, but nice to have a break.

I’d also re-stocked my meds the other day and one, a broad band anti-biotic, has been stopped altogether and as I said I’m on a reducing schedule for the anti rejection drugs. This now means I only take pills at 8am and 8pm with nothing in the middle but it is still quite a lot of pills every day, with 10 in the morning and 3 in the evening –  a long way away from my peak of 33 tablets a day. If all goes well I will be dropping one more anti-rejection pill a week on Friday as they reduce by one tablet for a two week period. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

Drugs, drugs and drugs…

Well I’m writing this around 2pm today, Tuesday and have still not had any pain in my abdomen/chest and it looks like the Movicol did the job. Lisa and I have popped in on my parents for a cup of tea and to review Dad’s and my fishing plan in the river along with a couple of mates and also to have a look at his inherited dinghy.

What shall we call this – when she is the right way up!

The latter looks like fun and Dad and I will be getting stuck in with sanding, prepping and painting over the coming days so that the kids can get out on the water – funnily enough none of them seem to want me to go in the boat with them – can’t think why!! It will be good for me to get tinkering on a boat again and we are looking at a coming up with a name for her between us in the family – I have a feeling I know what my mate Daniel would suggest…

Lunch possibilities – catch it, cook it, eat it….and help the environment of course!

The other thing will be to start ‘developing the swim’, I think is the right expression, in the river so we can catch some massive (?) fish as there are apparently some big pike and chub in there – lunch is like as not going to be fresh caught crayfish cooked up in a pan of boiling water and washed down with an alcohol free beer for me…..summer’s coming!

So it’s more of the usual really, background fear, some stresses and strains, emotional moments and then some really lovely moments with family – be it over a brew or texting daft things with the kids.

Things could be worse, just got to keep rowing the boat….

Oh, and if you haven’t already – please do sign up to the blog – and if you’ve tried and the bloody thing has not worked then please do check in once in a while!