• I’m trying something different with this post, feedback welcome as it’s on a lighter note – and as I say to my kids, ‘Well I made myself laugh’! or to annoy them even more in a text I just send IMML!

This will be best with sound by the way.

I’ve generally relayed only events in the hospital or directly to do with my current predicament but I also want to be clear that it is not all bad by any means. Not least the constant love and support from Lisa, having our Lily buzzing around the house being rude to me, keeping in touch with the other kids away at Uni and work and their shenanigans. They all give a positive boost but to be honest, and I hate to admit it, one of the main sources of comfort has been the bloody dog!

I’m at home on my own a lot as Lisa tries to juggle a million things with home stuff, kids, work etc and her/our dog is often the only source of companionship I have and it has made a difference. She is quite anxious if I am struggling and will buzz about me which can be a pain but is equally a nice thing. Or she could be doing something really daft like worrying other animals….

You can see that Bella is without doubt cute but she still has her failings like any dog….for instance oh how I laughed when she found a rotten egg to anoint herself with and stank horribly so it was straight in the shower for a clean up which I’m sure she loved.

Rotten egg – the equivalent of Hugo Boss for a dog

Post shower – she despises me!

However all things are put in perspective and my day and night as you know revolves around going to the toilet every half hour or so and during the day I try and get little cat naps after what is always a pretty sleepless night. Add in that I also have to measure the amount of wee that I produce every time I go and each wee then goes into a bowl so I can see how much overall I am producing, how much ‘matter’ is in it, and what colour it is to have a good idea of my hydration – it’s so glamorous!

So that was often my day, having some laughs with the dog, going for a wee and measuring it all and getting the occasional sleep. When I sleep I always dream and often they are far from relaxing and can be quite torrid although one day I dreamt I was back out on the ocean and lying in the stern cabin on a pretty calm day listening to the water running alongside the hull of the boat, something like this:


I think you know what is coming next…….I woke up and could still hear the water running alongside the hull of the boat, at first I was confused and then the penny dropped……’Bella!!!!’

She was clearly thirsty and fancied something more ‘meaty’ to drink rather than her bowl of water!

Disgusting bloody dog, but she does make me laugh and compared to some of the things I’ve had to do during my time in hospital and subsequently the dog wasn’t that horrible by comparison; for example after my transplant every wee and every poop had to be done in a bowl to be tested for infections etc. and for some weeks you have very loose bowels and with my bladder infection I was weeing blood.

So, Bella disgraced herself again and spent a while in the dog house, well, asleep on the sofa in the conservatory, probably dreaming with something just on the tip of her tongue…..bless her!

There is a countdown to me not using FB anymore and if nothing else I find this method more amusing and more therapeutic as I get to write more – makes up for not talking at people so much!

Please feel free to come on board with the subscribe via email below and as we go through different anniversary dates from just over a year ago I will flag those up, write about new stuff and add in some other anecdotes like the one above. Most of you know me well enough to know what to expect, it won’t be politically correct and a good part of it is like as not going to make you wince but I have to keep rowing the boat.


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  1. Good afternoon, Ian – just catching up with your blogs and am very glad to see your humour remains intact! Best wishes

    • Hello John – it’s been a while and welcome aboard. Hope all good with you?
      It’s in my nature to laugh, but this can be hard work. Cheers!

  2. Too much information there Ian!! ??

  3. Glad to hear Bella is being good company for you! Keep on the oars and we are all with you xxx

  4. Omg these are making me laugh,cry,wince and crinkle but by God I send you lots of love and positive thoughts. Bless your heart top fella. Xxxx

  5. Well I guess that’s living proof that dogs will eat anything. ……and just before I was going to eat too 🙂
    Have a good one, great to hear your rollocks still creaking.

  6. Really enjoyed reading this Ian ,Bella sounds a great companion , mans best friend , stay strong and positive . Best wishes

  7. Ha! Did make me smile, I’ve converted Mark to liking my tea cup chihuahua however he does refuse to walk her !. They do seem to know when something is not right. Keep strong.

  8. Loving the blog – and the dog – keep
    ‘em coming!

  9. You are a one, thank goodness!


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