Speaker, rower, businessman, author in progress, overcoming leukaemia 

In April 2017 after some months of feeling increasingly unwell I was diagnosed with leukaemia. A heart stopping, upsetting and terrifying moment.

The diagnosis and the challenges ahead would really put to the test my belief that our ocean story was a reflection of taking on the challenges of ‘normal’ life,  handling our capsize moments and big challenges.

The blog is now dedicated to my ongoing story about the ‘main event’ in my life and how I take that on. If you’ve been ‘on board’ up to now please stick with me, share the blog, let’s make something positive from this complete bastard of a disease and hopefully help and support each other and lots of other people.

Below is the website original text if you’d like to know more on the ocean background to ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things:

Ian is an inspirational professional speaker with a style that is relaxed yet gripping, casual but compelling, witty yet savage.

His talks are based around his part in a unique attempt to become the first boat in history to row unsupported from mainland Africa across 3,000 miles of the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean in under 30 days.

Audiences will be inspired, captivated, engaged and most importantly they will be able to relate the story back to their own lives, both at work and at home. Ian will leave a positive and lasting impact and leave the audience with a new insight into their own capability, their potential and their importance in the world.

This is a human story – it is about how circumstances, relationships, challenge and adversity impact on us on a daily basis at work and at home with a backdrop set against the enormity or rowing across the ocean.

Ian will leave a positive and lasting impact and leave the audience with a new insight into their own capability, their potential and their importance in the world.

CLICK HERE FOR TESTIMONIALS  conference facilitators, VPs, C-level executives and other audience members.

Each talk is tailored to the audience to give a unique insight into ocean rowing and how the highs and lows, challenges and setbacks relate directly to ‘normal’ life, at work at home, in sport and in relationships.

Each talk will be bespoke for your event and can be delivered from 20 minutes to 60 minutes or in two parts of one hour each; he has spoken at hundreds of events from international summits to corporate away days and from workshops to schools and charities.

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INSPIRATION & MOTIVATION: Inspiration and staying motivated for tasks, processes and routine.

CONTROL THE CONTROLLABLES: Self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience, thinking differently, problem solving, choose your attitude.

CHANGE & NORMAL: Changing legacy mindsets, turning negatives into positives, changing corporate culture, new projects.

TEAMWORK & RELATIONSHIPS: Teamwork, character differences, conflict resolution, onboarding induction, new starts.

CHALLENGES & SETBACKS: Personal development, achieving more, handling the fear of failure, resilience, how to achieve against the insurmountable.









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