Ian is a delightful and enthusiastic person to work with. He made everything happen very smoothly and it was an amazing experience for everyone involved

I want to say a massive thank you to Ian and his team for a fantastic few days rowing down The Thames.

We started off as four people who hardly knew each other and by the end it was as if we had known each other for years.

Coming from a busy job it was fantastic to get away from the day to day issues and get stuck into something totally different – not that it was relaxing in anyway. We really learnt how good team work would help us, and  why we literally needed to pull together.  This was everything from timing our strokes, motivating each other or communicating (whether it be to avoid a collision with a bank or to say you needed a break).

The few days on the boat was a great time to develop personally – we all learnt how to deal with personal differences without rocking the boat!

Ian was always inspiring us – he never got down and would always crack a joke just at the right time to get everyone motivated! He would always find time to compare this row with his Atlantic Experience too – something that was a powerful insight and also a great source of banter, ‘When I was on the Atlantic…’ was a catchphrase for all of us!

The trip down The Thames was great fun, lots of banter, hard work, good exercise but most of all I have learnt a lot to take back to normal life both at work and personal.

Would I do it again…. Hell yes!