elite 2Excited to be asked to speak at this event with an Atlantic Experience insight into top performance and pushing yourself to the limit and beyond over 3,000 miles of open ocean.

How do you keep going? Mentally, physically? What food, hydration? What about the team around you? How do you handle the weak links in the chain that can impact your own performance.

Sustained physical and mental brutality over a long period of time will grind away at you, and it is often the case that everything you dreamed of, everything you worked for, simply does not come to fruition – where do you go from there?

Lessons from the Atlantic will provide some insights into this with a back drop of racing across 3,000 miles of ocean, 2 hours on, 2 hours off, 24/7 – chasing the world record, racing the clock and pushing to be the first boat in history across in under 30 days. What could possibly go wrong?


To see more on the event, please click here.

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