What were you doing on December 14th – can you even remember? It was a Wednesday, 96 days ago.

On that day Daryl Farmer left La Gomera in the Canary Islands as part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Rowing Race and later today, maybe in the very early hours of tomorrow, he will have finally crossed the ocean – alone, aboard his solo boat.

This is an incredible achievement – personally, from quite early on, I doubted he would make it simply because he would not have enough food on board – yet he has stuck at it, despite a broken rudder and has shown just what extra-ordinary things people can do.

To have a qualified crossing you have to get across 61 degrees west but apparently Daryl plans to properly finish the job by rowing into the harbour – what a hero!

It is difficult to overstate what Daryl has done here – that 96 days since the 14 December – it is worth thinking back to what you were doing on that day and everything you have done each day since – in the knowledge that Daryl was at sea, alone, fighting the conditions, battling his boat failures and yet finding a way every day to get on the oars and just keep going. Amazing.

His motivation? To do this for his mum who he lost to mis-diagnosed kidney cancer in 2012. Check out his website by clicking here, and maybe stick a few ££s in the kitty – like every stroke out at sea, every £ counts.

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