Incredible experience at the Cranfield  School of Management supporting their Business Challenge in schools for Milton Keynes.

I delivered a keynote talk on the Atlantic Experience and related it to the week the students had ahead of them – a big challenge, working as a team, competing against a deadline, pressure, good times and bad times and so on.

Really, really impressive set up from Cranfield  School of  Management as the students would work with the same programme that MBA executives would normally use and the results of their decision making, personal commitment, team work and passion would lead to one winner – judged on who made the most profit but also with a facility for a ‘wild card’ to get in on the act if they handled challenge and adversity really well – bit like getting in the liferaft!

Karen Valverde, Business Simulations Manager commented, ‘Many thanks for your contribution last week, you fitted the bill very nicely! :)’  She added, regarding the students, ‘The MK event is going well, the students are both emotionally attached (in some cases, emotions are very high!) generating rich conversations and wanting to win…so far  so good!’

We are now in conversation about working with the Challenge again next year for both the Milton Keynes Schools and the Bedfordshire schools and it was a great experience to showcase the ‘Atlantic Experience’ at such a world renowed institution.

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