The testimonials below are from senior executives from a cross section of companies and events who have heard Ian speak first hand and will give you confidence that he can deliver for you at your event before, during and after it.

With Ian, you are buying in the personal experience of racing across the Atlantic ocean night and day for 3,000 miles to become the first crew in history to row across in under 30 days and set a new world record. It is the story of years of experience, planning and training culminating in taking on an extraordinary challenge that will have a lasting impact on your audience.

Speaking is not just a talent, it is a skill set, and a significant part of Ian’s skill is making the ocean trip relevant to everyone in the room, helping ensure that your decision to book him is the right one.

Please read on below:

jim-daviesAt my age I have listened to very many  motivating speakers but I can honestly say that in 50 years as a lawyer I have not ever heard a more refreshing, honest and inspirational talk. Without doubt, everybody found it riveting but also importantly uplifting and totally relevant to the audience. Ian’s humour, modesty and generosity of spirit shone through and I can recommend Ian unreservedly.

I promise you that you will always remember his talk and benefit from his extraordinary experience ‘



JOhnSainsburyresizedIan’s presentation of his Atlantic Experience to 100+ Sainsburys Buyers Merchandisers and Designers was amazing, powerful, mindful and exceptional. I’ve seen and heard many speakers over the years but never one that has excited and held an audience so much and related it back to the business context in the way that Ian’s experience did.

The relationship he formed with our audience and the impact it’s had on them has been profound . It certainly has nailed a lot for me as well in how to frame and focus on what is key for me and the business to drive the way forward.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ian’s story and presentation to back up and strengthen any topic in your business to make your boat go faster…..

Thanks Ian !!

sashaIan delivered a superb, witty and very interesting keynote speech.

What he also did brilliantly was weave all the key business themes of our summit seamlessly into his rowing narrative.

In the process, he connected with everyone in the room both on a business level and a personal one.

pedroThe speech was awesome. Ian is one of the best professional speakers I have ever met, his speech is amazing.
I recommend listening to him, you always learn from somebody who has had those fantastic experiences.

stellaYour presentation is remembered here and people have asked for an update.  Given this I think a revisit would be a great idea.

We’d like to time this with other activities around the whole area of Wellbeing.

I look forward to welcoming you to Colworth again soon.

375de3bI had the great opportunity to meet Ian in a CIO forum and he performed an amazing inspirational “key-note speech” entertaining, engaging & stirring emotions to the whole community.

Ian is a great speaker, able to share important life lessons from his story linked to the business world.

duncan-sousterIan was guest speaker at an event held to mark the 30th Anniversary, since its maiden voyage, of one of our iconic ships.  The story he tells is engaging, powerful, witty and challenging . It stirs emotion, but yet is also thought provoking.

Ian’s belief that ordinary people are capable of doing extra-ordinary things, aligns very much with our own values, and his own experiences at sea were of particular interest and empathy to our audience of  able-bodied and disabled transatlantic sailors.

Ian is a great motivational speaker, whom everyone would benefit from and enjoy listening to.

simon williamsIan is a truly inspiring and engaging man who has so positively impacted on the dynamic of my teams. His story is so real and so relevant no matter what business you are in or where you feel focus is needed, I guarantee working with Ian will be a positive experience.

palThank you again for the great story telling at our dinner yesterday, and also for the additional pieces of the story during lunch today.

I could have listen to you much longer time…I enjoyed very much both the contents and the style.

sokoThe feedback from your speech at the gala dinner for the CIO Europe Summit has been outstanding.

I hope to work with you again at a future Summit

denzil‘Ian is an inspirational keynote speaker able to captivate and engage the audience, linking his real life experiences to the I.T. arena!’

gonzalesFirst of all I would like to congratulate you on the speech you gave us at the Summit earlier this month.  It was a pleasure listening to your thought provoking and interesting stories that left us thinking about our own life at home and at work.

For sailors like us, the sea always calls upon uncertain destinies for which we need to overcome the natural fear of desolation in front of mother nature.

You said that “there are only ordinary people in the world, that do extra ordinary things very day”, I agree, and humbly suggest that it is the drive to overcome make all ordinary people extraordinary.