Keeping this brief – over the last few months I’ve developed a lump on the top right of my skull which is getting on for the size of half a goose egg.

On the inside it’s about half a chicken egg.

It’s really quite painful, also causing headache, toothache, earache and eyeache.

After various examinations and scans I’m in hospital tomorrow for a biopsy under local anaesthetic.

I think subject to the result of that I might be in on Thursday to have an attempt made to remove all/most of the exterior and interior lumps. I’m guessing they want the biopsy result before committing to operating – that in itself is scary.

Apparently there is some bone erosion which is indicative of ‘aggressive behaviour’ but we do not know the nature of the lumps until the biopsy.

The above is EVERYTHING we know right now apart from that we’re very frightened.

PLEASE resist the temptation to ask lots of questions – we have no answers and are in a very stressful place because of the above and some other issues.

Let you know more when we know more.



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  1. Hang on in there Ian and Lisa, you are in my prayers EVERY day. XX

  2. Thank you for the update, Ian – with best wishes

  3. Thinking of you

  4. Goes without saying we are here, morning or night, just shout xxx

  5. Yes, thinking of you.

  6. Hang on in there Ian and Lisa , will keep wishing all will be ok xx

  7. My thoughts are with you both. Stay strong. Keep fighting.

  8. sending positive thoughts to you and Lisa from Arizona. xx

  9. Routing for you both. Xx

  10. Big love from us to both of you. Nothing more just hugs xx

  11. Life just doesn’t stop throwing you challenges does it! Keep rowing and you’ll get through it. Everything crossed for you 😘😘


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