Gold Fever visits UK’s largest school

On Thursday 17th November, Martin Cross and Tony Rice brought the vision, challenge and support of the Gold Fever experience to Stantonbury Campus in Milton Keynes. The school is the largest in the UK, with over 2500 students in its five ‘Halls’.

BBC 3 counties Radio popped in to record part of the day for their Olympic build up programme, interviewing Martin and some students on their own experience of the day. Jessica Cooper, The BBC 3 Counties reported said after, “What Gold Fever is doing here and in other schools in Milton Keynes is really exciting, the students here had nothing but really positive things to say about the day”

The energy and focus of the students was amazing as Martin and Tony initially helped to empower two groups of specially selected Year 11 students to improve their personal leadership skills. They then embedded these skills further with a lively and interactive INSET session for key tutors.

Students got the chance to see Martin’s Olympic Gold medal and hear how his self-belief helped him overcome the difficulties that faced him as a student.

The Heads of both Halls: Mark O’Callaghan (Grafton) and Roy Middleton (Saxon) attended and participated throughout. Both had selected students with different needs for Martin and Tony’s bespoke programmes, designed to help both tutors and students lead themselves more effectively.

Tony commented after the day “What a pleasure it was to work with the students here. They worked tremendously hard and really challenged themselves; they asked themselves difficult questions about what they wanted from their school life and beyond.”

After getting some student feedback from their morning session, Mark O’Callaghan gave this report, “I have had nothing but positive responses from the Grafton students and I am sure Roy will experience the same for Saxon students. Having been given a real sense of vision and motivation I believe the sense of self-belief engendered, augers well for the future for our wonderful students! Many thanks to both of you again”

Vice principle Michele Rhodes was equally as positive about the Gold Fever experience “The students I spoke to got a lot out of it.  We will definitely want to invite you in again for the other side of Campus and possibly for Year 10, too.”

A great day and a great result for everyone!


Hazeley 6th Form gets the Gold Fever Experience

On Wednesday 16th November, twenty 6th form students at Hazeley Academy in Milton Keynes received the Gold Fever experience!

Gold Fever Directors Martin Cross and Tony Rice were at their enthusiastic best. They initially worked with key teaching staff and a number of the Academy’s governors so they could understand just how the Gold Fever programme could help their students deliver a performance that matched their potential.

Having whetted the appetite of the teachers and governors, Martin and Tony, spent almost four hours providing vision, challenge and support to the sixth form students. Using the extensive range of performance tools in the Gold Fever tool kit, they covered such areas as: the importance of vision, recognising & reinforcing positive feedback & personal qualities, building and maintain self belief, maintaining control/focus and finally sustaining motivation & dealing with setbacks – a jam packed day!!

Students got the chance to see Martin’s Olympic Gold medal and hear how his self-belief enabled him to overcome the difficulties that faced him as a student.

“What a great day. The students were really fantastic – challenging but positive, thoughtful and enthusiastic!” commented Tony

Deb Foster, head of the sixth form at Hazeley Academy was equally positive, “It was a really good day and I’m sure the students got a lot from it. Martin and Tony delivered exactly what both we and our students wanted.” She added “I spoke to some of the governors after the morning sessions and they were really excited by what Gold Fever has to offer, they feel that they will really make a difference to the performance of all of Hazeley’s staff and students.”

Gold Fever Comes to Northampton College

Last week Olympic champion Martin Cross and his colleague Tony Rice were invited into Northampton College to support a current project being run by college lecturer Michelle Green on ways to improve learning performance in their students. In order to show the students how they can release their potential by having a positive focus on their own qualities and abilities, Martin and Tony delivered sessions centred on vision, belief and goal-setting.

“It was a great day and the young ladies at the college were fantastic, they really opened up to us and worked hard on developing a vision of what they want their future to look like when they finish their studies”.

Michelle and her colleague, fellow college lecturer Carole Forde, were on hand to support the workshop and had this to say on the Gold Fever experience.

“The workshop forms part of a project we are carrying out at the college on how to  motivate students to achieve more in their studies as well as giving them the belief that they can achieve great things, beyond what they themselves believe they can achieve”. Michelle added, “The early results have been fantastic and all the girls felt really motivated and wanted them [Martin & Tony] to stay longer. Our initial results have shown have shown a significant improvement in the students’ practical assessments following just this short session”.

The whole team couldn’t miss the opportunity for a photo with Martin and his Olympic gold and bronze medals.