2nd anniversary – good work!

Two years ago we finally got Lisa Too, formerly Spirit of EDF Energy, back into the water after 18 months of rebuilding. The story started in October 2013 when we first went down to London to have a look at the boat – she looked in a very sorry state and as it turned out – she was much, much worse than that.

Thanks go to so many people, Lisa, Dan & Will, Ian, Mark, Charlie, Tony, Roy the carpenter, Paul the boat man, Dave, Ally, Richard – deployed, Nic, David, Dominic, Grant, Tom, James, Seb, Max, Simon, Julia, Sean, David – the list goes on.

At the end of the day the boat, Lisa Too, has done a lot – she has given people new insights, helped raise a good chunk of money for charities, inspired people – and not least we have had some fun.

Below is the video of her maiden voyage, please have a look and then a glance through the gallery of some of the moments on board with her, some now very poignant – others simply a good laugh.


New speaker info..

I have just had my speaker one sheet redesigned and revised – a jpeg of it is below. I’d appreciate any insights, thoughts, input on the content etc and if you wanted to forward it onto any contacts who may have an interest in a speaker, be they at companies that buy in speakers, schools, charities, other groups etc.

Many of my clients are listed at the foot of the website on the Home page and include companies such as Unilever and Sainsburys.

If it helps there are a series of testimonials from C level executives, International Summit companies, VPs etc which you can see by clicking here.

A pdf of the one sheet can be downloaded by clicking here.