Gold Fever’s Ian Rowe – moments after being rescued from the Atlantic rowing challenge

Ian Rowe - left and Simon Brown - minutes after getting aboard the Nord Taipei

Gold Fever director Ian Rowe was part of the World Record attempt aboard the Sara G ocean rowing boat. Having completed 2,200 nautical miles of the challenge against difficult weather and with some crew members struggling more than others – the boat had just about kept up with World Record pace.

However disaster struck with just 530 miles to go when the boat capsized in heavy seas – 35 foot waves – and the challenge turned into a fight for survival with all of the crew eventually being rescued after 14 hours in a liferaft.

Ian and his fellow survivor Simon Brown will be visiting schools and companies to talk through their story – how they coped with the brutal regime, the enormity of the challenge and how they turned apparent disaster into an achievement in itself.

Ring Ian on 01234 345534 or email him on for more information.


The Atlantic Odyssey – Remarkable Stats

In January 2012, the start of the Olympic year, local man Ian Rowe will be part of a six man crew, setting out to break the thirty day ‘barrier’ for rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. Current world record holder Matt Craughwell is leading the crew which includes round the world cyclist and BBC presenter Mark Beaumont who also rowed through the Arctic this year Joining them are Aodhan Kelly, Yaakov Mutnikas and finally Simon Brown.

Skipper Matt Craughwell, of World Ocean Rowing has made their goal clear, ‘We are setting out to break the 30 day barrier which many people feel is impossible; following a series of sea trails to select this crew my belief is we have a great chance.’

Backing the challenge are Ian’s Gold Fever Colleagues, former Olympic rowing champions Martin Cross and Tim Foster, Martin commented, ‘The sheer scale of the challenge is hard to imagine; rowing two hours on, two hours off for 3,100 miles is quite simply brutal.’ Tim added simply ‘They’re mad!’


  • ‘Sara G’, the current world record holding boat, will travel 3,100 miles across the Atlantic Ocean from Tarfaya, Morocco to Port St. Charles, Barbados.
  • The crew’s goal is to complete the journey in less than 30 days and be the first boat in history to do so.
  • Each crew member will be rowing 2 hours on, 2 hours off 24/7 for the entire journey.
  • The boat is self supported with all food supplies carried on board, including freeze dried meals, snacks and morale boosting treats.
  • A water maker filters sea water to provide the crew’s drinking water.
  • 20 mile an hour plus winds and 30 foot waves are expected.
  • Each crew member is expecting to burn up to12,000 calories per day with their bodies only able to absorb around 5,000 calories, this results in a 2-3 stone weight loss per man over the course of the journey.
  • In Matt’s world record setting voyage he and his crew each lost between 20/25% of their body weight on arrival in Barbados.
  • ‘Bucket and chuck it’ is the official term for the en-suite toilet facilities!

The Bedford Park Rotary Club

Gold Fever director Ian Rowe paid a visit to the Bedford Park Rotary Club this morning to talk about The Atlantic Odyssey and his preparation for the world record attempt. There was a great turn out – apparently the highest this year – and Ian commented, ‘I drive my wife mad talking about this project and she even sent her sympathies to my audience this morning as I went on about my favourite topic!’

There was a great atmosphere at the meeting and the group were very receptive to the nature of the rowing challenge and what it all entails. This perhaps reflects the fantastic work that Bedford Park Rotary carry out themselves for charity fund raising with many of their events involving inspirational challenges themselves.

For more information on what they do please visit their site or if you want to find out more about your local chapter

“It was genuinely exciting for me to speak to such a receptive group plus have some great questions asked such as, ‘Did the crew all meet at the same institution?!’ “

We have been asking the same question in the Gold Fever office for months! Ian concluded “I was really touched that people stepped forward with sponsorship there and then. It’s a great feeling when you know there will be a group of people following your progress on the boat and it’s the sort of thing that will help us get through the tougher days.”