Ian Rowe spoke at the Bucks Fizz networking group in Buckingham this morning…
‘Another early kick off this morning at 5.30am to get up and on my way to another Breakfast meeting; always look forward to these – a bit like getting up for a shift on our Atlantic boat – you never quite know what it is going to be like, but make a choice at the start and it will be great!
I met with a number of people that I can remember Sam, Trisha, David a sprinkling of other Ian’s, Richard I think and Ann who had invited me along.
They are a great bunch and it was a pleasure to relate (again) my story of out Atlantic attempt and ho it is just ordinary people that do extra-ordinary things. Most importantly that we look to find a way to recognise the extra-ordinary things we do on a daily basis and to give ourselves  a pat on the back for doing them.
My heartfelt request was that members of the group walk away at the end of the meeting with something new – a new perspective perhaps on what they do and how they do it and a new readiness to say ‘Well done’ when they do something well or challenging or handle a setback – however ‘small’ it may seem.
A great discussion at the end along the lines of ‘Yes, but Ian, your thing was life threatening – going for a job interview is just not the same.’ I loved that idea and pondered on it on the way back to my office. My answer now is this, ‘Being alive is life threatening – as we already know what the end result will be! We only have one of them – so let’s make it a great one and pat ourselves on the back every chance we have!’
Check out the Bucks Fizz website here – great group made up og great individuals:
Bucks Fizz - Business Networking in Buckingham

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