Short update this, things change so quickly.

Looks like my left kidney may have failed or is in the verge of that.

So procedure has to go ahead. That’s going in via my Gentleman’s Sausage to check the blockage of the bladder/kidney tube to find out what that is and if it’s cancerous. If they can they will insert a stent in the line to increase its capacity and allow the kidney to drain and maybe recover if it’s not too far gone. So same as last time, general anaesthetic then few weeks of pissing blood and razor blades.

Another option or what might have to be done subject to the above is a drain is inserted into the kidney through my back and stays in for 6 weeks to see if kidney recovers. Depends on platelets level I think.

I didn’t even know kidney failure was on the agenda but putting off the procedure has made that more likely – if I’d known that I’d have just got on with it.

Other kidney was at 80% so chances are that’s reduced too.

Bladder – just have to grin and bear it still.

Feels like a stumble towards the cliff edge. Bastard thing.

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  1. Ian, not great news…another set back and another challenge to overcome. After what you have already been through this is really tough, but you are tougher. You will get through this.

  2. Can’t imagine how f****d off you feel.

  3. Chin up and keep rowing through the storm ☔️

  4. Not a cliff edge, just a minor hiccup!! Chin up and blast on through, you have what it takes.
    Onwards for the family and yourself
    We’re still all with you

  5. Ian,you inspired a rather over weight gal to get back on the ergo which had collected dust and nearly reaching for oxygen this week.
    Set back yes but you have the motivation to kick this into touch. Stay strong ! thinking of you and your family.

  6. You really are being tested to the limit, you have the strength to fight on and reach the shore. x

  7. Hi Ian

    Hopefully a minor set back and a weather dependent
    relaunch will see a very positive step in the right
    You have such a wave of support behind you
    and if we could all visit in the same day then your ward would be completely full.

    Stay strong and row on.

    • That support is very humbling mate – I’ll keep plugging away…..if nothing else I still owe you a paddle on Lisa Too on our next Thames Row!
      Cheers fella.


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