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As I write this there are less than 20 hours until the start of this year’s Atlantic Rowing Race – now an annual event rather than every two years.

It is a little different from our trip in that the crews start together from La Gomera in the Canary Islands, roughly 400 kilometres west of where we started from in Tarfaya, mainland Africa. There are 12 teams scheduled to depart with four solos, two pairs, three trios and 3 fours, one of which is the all female crew and they will have at sea with them a safety/support yacht should anyone need assistance – another difference to our trip! The yacht is not there to lend outside assistance and is purely there for emergencies although it may well swing by to say hello to crews as and when.

Looking at the boats in the fleet, the clear favourite to win must be Latitude 35 with Jason Caldwell, Angus Collins and Alex Simpson on board, seasoned ocean rowers plus top flight rower Matthew Brown.

Without doubt they have to be contenders to become the first boat in history to row the Atlantic in under 30 days.

The women’s record could well come under threat too with the Atlantic Endeavour Team and you can see more on their website by clicking here

You can follow the progress of all the crews on the website by clicking here – pick one, adopt it, support them, be part of rowing the ocean!

You can also download the racetracker on your phone, look out for the Yellowbrick app and download the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Rowing Race 2016.


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