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I’ve just spent the most incredible day on Rutland Water with one, Ian Rowe. This aptly named Gent and his ocean rowing boat, Lisa Too, came equipped not just with food and water but a wealth of information and experience. Far more than I could ingest in just one day.

Having never rowed before and my water experience consisting only of a 10m swimming badge, Ian wasted no time in kitting us out and getting us on the water.

His relaxed yet steadfast persona instantly made my self and my ‘crew’ feel at ease as we clumsily attempted to leave the shallows, for the wide open expanse and beauty of Rutland Water.


A sense of humour helps both for the coach and the coachees!

We must have appeared to those on shore like a giant beetle. Adrift with limbs flapping and splashing helplessly while going nowhere fast.

Despite the raucous laughter all round Ian managed to, somehow, instill some sort of timing in our actions and before long the first pair where pushing the boat gently through the water.

Ian’s experience as an ocean rower made not only for some quick results on the cohesion of us rowing peasants, but allowed him to follow every tip and trick with actual examples of why. Stories and jokes from a sport that it is clear that Mr Rowe holds very dear to his heart.

After a few shift changes and many many pointers and reminders from Ian, our stroke actually started to resemble that of a real crew. No longer a stranded bug but a pond skater skimming along nicely. We could actually feel this wonderful boat surge across the water with our every stroke.

The difference was remarkable, and the sense of achievement we all felt, at coming together to reach our destination was incredible. We felt like rowing Gods! Until that is, the ocean current simulation section of out voyage…


Matt demonstrates the difficulties encountered in a wildly rocking boat – coaching terminology would refer to the amount of oar handle sticking out of his fist…

Our Atlantic Experience day was a brilliant way to pull people together while having such a great time. I’d recommend a day on the water with Ian & Lisa Too to anyone!

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